Chasing up your employees' expenses claims can take up a lot of time. Lost VAT receipts can cost you money.

With Bread4Business, expense management becomes incredibly easy.

How does it work?

  1. Receive your cards. You can either order unpersonalised card stock from us, which you can then issue to employees on-site using our secure online portal, whenever you need. Alternatively, we can send personalised cards straight to your employees.
  2. Load your cards. After paying into your float, you will be able to load cards with money straight away. Load however much you think your employees will need. Top up whenever you want, or set your cards to automatically top up to a certain level every night, so your employees always know how much they have to spend on any given working day.
  3. Use your cards! Your employees can go out and use our cards at ATMs, in shops, or online (or, if you prefer, you can switch off ATM access, restricting use to shops and online stores).
  4. View spending instantly. Using our reporting tools, you will see every transaction that your employees make in near real-time. You can download these reports in CSV format to open in Microsoft Excel, allowing you to seamelessly integrate Bread4Business with the rest of your accounting workflow.

Bread4Business can be customised to your needs. You can print our cards with whatever design you like (subject to Mastercard approval), giving your brand extra visibility and your company a little extra cachet. If you order customised cards from us, we can customise the cardholder section of our website to feature your branding, to enhance the user experience.

Create custom job codes and accounting categories, which employees can select when uploading receipts from their phone. This means you can have every transaction neatly categorised into whatever categories you use in the rest of your accounting workflow.

Bread4Business expense cards have proven popular in numerous industries. Restaurants, hauliers, events companies, and many more are already saving time and money by using Bread4Business to manage their expenses. Contact us today to find out how Bread4Business can help your company.

Lutterworth Logistics

Fuel cards

Lutterworth logo

Bread4Business Prepaid Mastercard provided us with a cost saving solution to the traditional fuel cards we were using. With no restrictions on where our drivers purchase fuel meant that we are able to advise on which fuelling stations to use with the cheapest rates of the day. Purchasing anything up to £45k a month on fuel we are seeing significant savings between £1.5- £2k a month and would highly recommend this product to other companies that have fleets.

Saul Butler, Managing Director, Lutterworth Logistics

Lutterworth Logistics Ltd is a rapidly growing same day / next day courier-haulier based in Leicestershire, operating approximately 40 vehicles ranging from small vans through to 40ft articulated lorries.

You can visit their website at www.3ldeliver.co.uk

Newline Utilities

Fuel and expense cards

Newline logo

Bread4Business provides us with a unique solution for fuel management and on the road expenses. It allows our drivers to be able to use the cards at any petrol station with the added bonus of being able to use the cards for corporate expense. The admin portal allows us to keep control of our drivers giving us a full visibility of real time spend. A great alternative solution to traditional fuel cards.

Monica Loughran, Newline Utilities Ltd.

Newline Utilities provide the construction of utility projects for a variety of electricity and telecommunications companies throughout Northern Ireland, Scotland and the Islands.


In these tough economic times, cost control has risen to the top of the agenda for companies of all sizes, across all industries.

Having your own distinctive brand is important. It can ensure that customers buy from you and not your competitors.

There are many channels through which you can enhance your brand. It is clear that traditional direct mail marketing needs an update.

Prepaid incentive cards are not like some traditional gift cards, which can only be spent in certain stores. They are fully featured prepaid cards that can be used in much the same way as debit cards: paying in stores, paying online, and withdrawing cash from an ATM.

Prepaid incentive cards can serve a variety of goals. Introducing incentives and perks can help you to recruit and retain valuable staff, reward performance, and promote productivity. It can help you get the best out of your employees.

As well as being utilised to incentive your employees there are a number of reasons why incentive cards are more effective in direct mail campaigns than traditional promotional offers.

Prepaid incentive cards offer more flexibility for your campaign, whether your goal is to acquire new customers, or it might be to build traffic and loyalty among existing customers.

These cards can be used to achieve very specific marketing objectives such as:

  • Driving customer traffic
  • Building repeat business and encouraging more frequent customer visits
  • Increasing purchasing
  • Creating effective relationships
  • Supplementing brand loyalty campaigns
  • Targeting highly specific audiences
  • Increasing brand awareness

Businesses that use prepaid incentive cards can typically experience consumer response rates that are several times higher than traditional campaigns.

JCC Lighting

Staff incentives

Jcc image

Bread4Business provided a unique solution to reward performance to our sales teams. Not only did it provide the end users with a gift that could be utilised anywhere where Mastercard is accepted, but it also allowed us to promote our brand by incorporating our logo to the front of the card.

Lorraine Langridge, JCC Advanced Lighting

JCC Lighting has been a leader in the lighting market for over twenty-five years. Their lighting range focuses on energy efficient LED lighting and includes LED flat panels for offices and schools, fire-rated downlights for homes and hotels and LED spotlights for retail and display.

You can visit their website at www.jcc.co.uk

Payroll and Payout

If your employees don’t have access to a bank account or you have a high turnover of temporary or contractual staff, there is a cheaper and simpler method than paying them with cheques or cash, that benefits both you and your employees.

Prepaid cards are a quick, easy way to manage your company’s payroll, whilst saving money on handling costs and bank fees.

Bread4Business is a flexible solution. Have your cards delivered directly to cardholders' homes, or have them delivered to your business, ready to hand out to your employees.

Alternatively, you can order unpersonalised cards in bulk, which you can issue to employees as and when you wish using our secure online management portal.

Van Plus


Vanplus logo

We were looking for an alternative solution to make payments to our drivers, especially for those drivers who do not have access to a bank account. Bread4Business provided us with a payroll solution which allows us to make payments to individuals within minutes. It combines a prepaid card with admin portals for both the company and the cardholder, giving the end user access to a Mastercard that can be used worldwide with similar benefits to a debit card. This has not only been widely adopted within the organisation but we have also seen a reduction in costs for processing. A great payroll alternative and one I would highly recommend.

Peter King, Van Plus

Van Plus offer 'man and van' services across London and the surrounding area for both personal and business purposes. They cater for small, large, and international moves, as well as pickups and much more.

You can visit their website at www.hirevanplus.com