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Need to incentivise employees, partners or customers?

Introducing incentives and perks can help you to:

  • Recruit and retain valuable staff
  • Reward performance
  • Promote productivity
  • Add flexibility to a campaign
  • Increase conversions
  • Build repeat business
  • Incentivise your referral base

Spend your cards anywhere

Our corporate incentive cards are not like some traditional gift cards, which can only be spent in certain stores. They are fully-featured prepaid cards that can be used in much the same way as debit cards: paying in stores, paying online, and withdrawing cash from an ATM.

Mastercard® acceptance

All of our cards are registered to the Mastercard payment network. They can be spent wherever the Mastercard Acceptance Mark is shown, which is over 35 million locations worldwide.


Put your brand into people's pockets

We can give you the option of personalising cards with your own company image, for increased brand visibility.

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Flexible management

You can either load the cards yourself via our management portal or we can preload the cards with funds and send on your behalf.

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