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Businesses are losing significant amounts of money each year as employees struggle to find an efficient way through their expenses.

Concur estimated that in 2012, UK companies paid out around £8.2 billion in expenses.1 Financial Director and Concur also discovered that 65% of finance functions are still relying upon manual processes for their expenses, and over half of senior finance managers still rely on spreadsheets.2

Without control and visibility into travel and entertainment spend, finance departments are unable to report accurately with potential tens of thousands of pounds in unclaimed or repaid VAT.

Gain valuable insight by tracking the efficiency of employee spend, find errors and fraud, and ensure policy and regulatory compliance via our reports tool. These features will help you to significantly reduce the amount of time that you spend processing your employees' expenses claims.

Bread4Business provides an all in one payment solution combining a Mastercard® prepaid card with a unique management portal, streamlining the expense process with automation. It’s a paperless solution, so no more spreadsheets and lost VAT receipts.

Never lose a VAT receipt again

All of our websites are mobile-friendly, so employees can photograph receipts and upload them straight from their smartphone.

Find transaction

View your statement, scroll right and tap 'Upload receipt'

Photo prompt

Click 'browse' and get prompted to take a photo

Receipt photo

Take a photo of your VAT receipt or invoice

Receipt upload

Add a job code or accounting category and tap 'Upload'

Track employee spending

View reports to see exactly where your cards have been spent, and how much each transaction cost. Spot fraudulent activity easily so that you can prevent it in the future.

Categorise card transactions

Create job codes and accounting categories to fall in line with your in-house accounting system. Employees can add a job description or mileage to every transaction made with their Bread4Business Mastercard prepaid card.

Spend report

Download reports for Excel

Download reports as either a Microsoft Excel file, PDF, or CSV file, to integrate our reports seamlessly into your accounting workflow.

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Excel report

1 Source: 5 Reasons Businesses Don't Automate Their Expenses, and Why They Should, July 2013

2 Source: Must expenses be expensive?, Financial Director, 24th October 2014

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