Payment Card Solutions has been operating in the prepaid card space since 2006 when the Bread brand was first brought to market. We now offer a range of prepaid cards both under our own brands and for third parties such as Lebara Money.

PCS processes millions of pounds worth of transactions monthly using its in-house built platform and has in depth of knowledge of many industries and is fully committed to ensuring that the right products are brought to market to support its partners.

We already plan to bring in future enhancements to our services and are keen to listen to our customer's requirements.

The card is issued by Wirecard Card Solutions Limited (WCS) a principal member of Mastercard International Incorporate and Visa Europe Limited. WCS is a subsidiary of WireCard AG. Based in the UK, WCS is an authorised and registered E-Money Institution with the ability to passport cards throughout SEPA (the Single Euro Payment Area). This ensures that your prepaid cards will be accepted at millions of locations in hundreds of countries around the world.

GPS provides the technology-based transaction processing and programme management environments for payment card programmes. The company’s fully outsourced end-to-end solution includes: Mastercard/Visa certified payment processing; programme management; consultancy; bespoke software development; financial control and reconciliation; technical support and cardholder customer services.